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MFI and McDonald’s Partner Plant Trees

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Five lucky Minnesotans have brand new trees, thanks to Minnesota Forest Industries McDonald’s Restaurants.

It’s all part of McDonald’s 55,000-seedling giveaway, co-sponsored by MFI. Again, this year, folks who stopped by McDonald’s on Arbor Day not only received a free red pine seedling, but also had the chance to register for a 8-10 foot tree to be planted in their yard. More than 2,500 Minnesotans responded, and the winners were:

  • Ruth Lee Bertrand, Red Wing
  • Eleanor Eskuri, Moose Lake
  • Zac Paine, Parkers Prairie
  • Linda Rauner, Circle Pines
  • Bernie Revering, Stacy

“Every Arbor Day, tens of thousands of Minnesotans enjoy getting a free seedling from their local McDonald’s, so again this year we teamed up with MFI to expand that fun with some larger trees,” said Paul Ostergaard, McDonald’s Co-Op President. “It’s great that so many Minnesotans want to add to the state’s beauty by planting trees.”

Wayne Brandt, MFI executive vice president, said those five tall trees won’t be alone.

“Minnesota is known for having bountiful forests that provide beauty, recreational opportunities and a variety of products we use every day,” said Brandt. “Today Minnesota has more trees than it had 50 years ago—including more big trees—thanks to the quality of forest management practiced here in the state.”

Minnesota Forest Industries (MFI) is an association representing the state’s forest products companies. MFI members encourage, conservation, proper forest management and industry development that fosters sound environmental stewardship, multiple use of timber lands and sustainable, long-term timber supply. MFI members include: Boise Paper; Hedstrom Lumber Company; Minnesota Power; Norbord Minnesota; Potlatch Corporation; Sappi Fine Paper; UPM Blandin Paper Mill; Verso Paper, Sartell Mill.

L-R: Ray Higgins, Minnesota Forest Industries, Hayden Hardel, Carl Hardel, and Mason Hardel with the family’s brand new Fat Albert Blue Spruce, courtesy of McDonald’s Restaurants and MFI. Linda Rauner of Circle Pines won the tree and decided to have it planted at the home of her daughter and son-in-law’s family, the Hardels.

L-R: Sue Revering, Bernie Revering, and Ray Higgins of Minnesota Forest Industries with the Princeton Gold Maple tree the Reverings won at McDonald’s. The tree was planted Monday July 19th.

McDonald’s Arbor Day winner Ruth Lee Bertrand (M) of Red Wing chose a red splendor crab apple tree to be planted in her yard. Joining Bertrand at the planting were Ray Higgins (L) of Minnesota Forest Industries and Lori Hoeft representing McDonald’s Restaurants.

Tree winner Eleanor Eskuri of Moose Lake (M) is joined by Ray Higgins of MFI (R) and Don Kooiman of Spring Fresh Garden Center as Eskuri’s brand new Japense lilac was planted.

Zac Paine (M) of Parkers Prairie, his mother Rebecca, and MFI’s Ray Higgins with the brand honeycrisp apple tree Paine won in the McDonald’s Arbor Day contest.