Careers in Forestry

Making a Difference: Careers in Forestry.

The University of Minnesota College of Natural Resources offers the only bachelor’s of science, master’s and doctorate programs in forestry in the state. These programs began in 1903 and have been continuously accredited by the Society of American Foresters since 1935. The 1999 Gourman Report ranks the undergraduate program number one in the nation. The graduate program ranks among the top six such programs. Employment opportunities in these programs are broad and demand for graduates is high.

Undergraduate Majors

Forest Resources

This curriculum prepares students to plan, implement and research the management, protection and sustainable use of forest and related resources such as timber, water, wildlife, recreation and aesthetic resources. Students are offered the choice of two tracks:

• Forest Management and Planning Track
For students who want to become directly involved in forest land management or find positions in specialized areas such as resource analysis and planning, timber harvesting, forest protection or policy development. Graduates also may pursue graduate study to become researchers and/or teachers or seek advanced positions in administering and managing forest and related natural resources.

• Forest Conservation and Ecosystem Management
For students who want to learn the fundamentals of forest resources management while gaining depth in conservation issues and strategies, as well as the structure and function of ecosystems. Graduates may pursue careers as forest managers and conservationists or seek careers in research, teaching, and technical support for forest and related resource management and conservation.

Urban and Community Forestry

This curriculum prepares students for careers in planning and managing vegetation and natural resources in or near urban communities. It also prepares students for direct involvement in resource management and for supporting roles in such areas as urban planning and environmental education. Typical jobs include those in city government, private tree care and arboricultural consulting, state and federal forestry, nurseries and utilities.

Also Offered In:

  • Recreation Resources Management
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Studies
  • Wood and Paper Science

Graduate Study opportunities in forestry and related natural resource areas also are available through the graduate program in Natural Resources Science and Management.