Forest Diseases

Minnesota Forest Disease Facts

Within Minnesota’s borders, you’ll find millions of lush, diverse forestland acres. These forests provide a constantly evolving habitat for countless wildlife species. Minnesota is also home to numerous small forests – Some only a quarter-acre in size – Including the trees that grow in your own yard. As with trees in a forest, disease, insects, fire and other natural threats can affect the trees in your yard. Fortunately, wise and careful management can keep all of Minnesota’s trees healthy for generations to come. Keeping our forests, even the littlest ones, healthy and plentiful is everyone’s job. The best way to do this is to be observant and ask questions. If you find a spot on a tree and wonder if it’s normal, or discover new insects and want to know if they are a menace, just ask these resources. You’re sure to find the answers to all of your tree questions.


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

A wealth of information about tree care assistance and diagnosing plant diseases.

Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association

The state’s largest horticultural trade association publishes “Plants for Outdoor Living” color catalogs about trees and shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Offers tips for what to do and not do with your trees during certain months, as well as many other interesting sections.

University of Minnesota Extension Service

The University of Minnesota Forest Resources Extension Office answers questions from the general public concerning the many aspects of tree/forest health and management, including plants and insects. Minnesota Society of Arboriculture A listing of names and contact information for arborists all across Minnesota.

Local City Forester or Certified Tree Inspector

Many Minnesota communities have experts on staff that are certifi ed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to provide local advice on your specific questions. Look in the phone book under city government for your nearest resources.