Forests: Renewable & Productive

How Much Can Be Made From A Tree? The Answer May Surprise You.

It’s almost impossible to know how much can be made from a single tree because all trees are different. But it’s been estimated that one cord of wood (stacked 8 feet wide x 4 feet deep x 4 feet high) could produce any one of these:

  • 1,000–2,000 pounds of paper
  • 942 100-page, hardcover books
  • 61,370 No. 10 business envelopes
  • 4,384,000 commemorative-sized postage stamps
  • 460,000 personal checks
  • 7,500,000 toothpicks
  • 30 Boston rockers
  • 1,200 copies of National Geographic
  • 2,700 copies of an average daily newspaper

While trees are used to create many of the products we use every day, it’s important to remember that they’re a renewable resource. Unlike minerals, Minnesota’s forests can be regenerated and managed for multiple uses including recreation and providing wildlife habitat.

Source: TAPPI Public Outreach and American Forest & Paper Association.

Get to Know MFI

Minnesota is known for its abundant forests. But these woodlands wouldn’t do well without help. Like you, they need care. That’s where Minnesota Forest Industries (MFI) comes in. MFI is a group of forest products companies that takes care of the forests. Using careful conservation and management, MFI makes sure Minnesota will always have enough timber supply, habitat and forestlands for everyone to enjoy.