Minnesota Forests Products

What things come from trees?

More than 69,000 people in Minnesota's forest products industry make paper for books, magazines, brochures, computer printers and more. We make lumber, siding panels and engineered wood products for building homes, including oriented strand board. We make utility poles, pallets, industrial packaging and recycled pulp for many commercial applications, and also produce Specialized Cellulose used in textiles and other consumer goods. Plus, we produce the electricity to run our facilities and your homes.

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Professional Loggers

Nearly all of the wood harvested in Minnesota is done by loggers trained in the Minnesota Logger Education Program (mlep.org), who are continually updated on current technologies, safety, environmental regulations, wildlife and more. These woodland experts combine proven techniques with modern equipment to take care of the forest.

Here are the latest descriptions of classes and workshops being held by the Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP).